Since 2013 I’ve been producing design, video and motion graphics across digital, social, broadcast and print in full time and freelance roles in London. Since 2016 I’ve also been working as a producer and director of live comedy events and video.

In 2022 I’m looking for a full time creative producer/art direction role in comedy or animation. Please get in touch if I’d be a good fit for your team!

Call me!  ~ +44 7871067041
Email me! ~ michael@julings.com

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I co-founded Piñata, creative collective and comedy cabaret in SE London. We’ve produced over 50 shows across multiple venues in London, plus VAULT festival and Brainchild festivals in 2018 and our first Edinburgh Fringe show with Gilded Balloon in 2019. I also work with Objectively Funny, producing comedy shows in London and at festivals around the UK.

Visit Piñata’s website below for a look at our past live events and the design and video production work we’ve made.

www.pinataplay.com ~ heypinata@gmail.com

Instagram ~ Twitter ~ YouTube